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Michael - Uncle Mike - Madill - Booby - Grandpa - Magoo - Friend - Dad - Uncle Harry - Cousin Mike - Sunshine - Superstar - Amazing. What ever name you called him you will never forget his dynamic personality and genuine love for humanity. For me, even though we were not related, I always introduced him as my Uncle Mike. As I have said many times, "If I can be half the man Mike was I would be somebody". My dear friend of 30 years is gone. Rest in peace Magoo! Thank you for everything you taught me.
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4.Gene Cage(non-registered)
Thank you for allowing me to see Mikes pictures. Excellent job
3.Doug T(non-registered)
Hey Russ. Awesome collection!
2.Boobie(James C)(non-registered)
Just yesterday mornig they let me know you were gone.
Magoo, the plans we made put an end to you.
I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song
Just can't remember who to send it to.
1.Russ Reno
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