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Mike Madill Entertainer 1

Mike Madill 1925-2013. Mike was a Vaudeville performer in the 1920s and 1930s. He started on radio with his twin sister Rita Madill and Rita and Rusty, as they called themselves, sang and danced on the West Coast until Mike joined up with Frank Benham and started an act known as The Benham Brothers. In 1951 Mike joined the Lucky Strike Hit Parade on NBC and later
teamed up with fellow Hit Paraders Susanne Cansino and Dusty McCaffery and toured as Susanne and the Escorts with George Jessel's Showtime. In addition the had a very successful run with Fems and Furs on the Tivoli Circuit in Australia. Mike also headlined Radio City Music Hall with Gil Johnson. Johnson and Madill toured the US and Europe playing major theatre's and concert halls all over the world.